Adorn Yourself & Celebrate Spirit ! 

"...That the beautiful, the wholesome, and the absolute good are present in ourselves, and we only need to return and be in touch with them. You need to have faith in the basic goodness, the basic beauty,
and the basic truth which is in you. You have to go back to yourself and discover that.
It is your own ground of being. It is your basis."
~ Dharma Talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh on November 20, 1997 in Plum Village, France ~
Bhakti brings you her combined training and experience in the art and science of healing - on various levels.  She is a yoga acharya, a shaman, a vibrational energy healer, a Reiki Master Teacher, an ordained interfaith minister and a certified life coach and counselor. 

Bhakti integrates innate gifts with extensive training to ignite an inspired approach to creative expression.  She defines her approach as both Yin/Yang (feminine/masculine) and ageless/ timeless because it emphasizes output rather than outcome and intuitive investigation rather than mental analysis while allowing space for the unknown to evolve.  

Her academic degrees in mass communication and adult education provided her a career as university instructor, psychological diagnostician, commercial executive producer, clinical researcher, and training program director.  Her holistic training in natural healing and well being from over 15 years of study and experience greatly augment her customized practice in energy direction, rebirthing, neuro-linguistic programming, human potential development, life coaching, and soul counseling. 

After moving to the United States from the Philippines in 2006, she worked as a consultant for non-profits and spiritual communities, spending six years training practitioners in natural healing, yoga philosophy and shamanic apprenticeship. As in all her work, she is motivated by her fascination with how people learn, her love of collaboration, and a desire to learn by continuing to share her experience.

She is the published author of Beyond Reiki (a learning manual and workbook), magazine articles, poetry, and short fiction. She lives in Englewood, New Jersey and Bacolod City in the Philippines.

Her practice combines hands-on experience and learning from both her Eurasian genealogy and training lineage - the Hierarchy of Eastern Yogi Christs and Immortal Spanish Shaman Masters at whose feet she has studied, worked by and lived with. All these elements are imbibed in Bhakti's unique art and collaboration - blending current and ancient elements in timeless designs.

In the same manner that she uses unusual gemstones and unique components to create amulets, talismans and power pieces - she kindles one’s personal insight and self realization. Each one-of-a-kind venture empowers the individual to express and celebrate their true nature and spirit.

Bhakti offers earnest students powerful and intensive courses designed to enrich and enhance spiritual life and well being.